Services Available at Compass Equine Inc.

Robin’s step-by-step approach to training, and riding instruction helps you discover and develop the skills to fully enjoy the process of learning with your horse and reaching your goals.

Robin’s wise, good-natured, and non-judgmental style creates an inspiring and supportive atmosphere for you to achieve an enjoyable and rewarding connection with your horse. She encourages her students to develop the skills and confidence to self-diagnose and problem-solve with their horses.


Horsemanship Lessons

From basic horsemanship to at-liberty training, Robin helps you understand that excellence in riding begins with excellent ground skills.

She teaches you understanding of the different parts of your horse’s body and how to gain precise control of those parts one step at a time.  As a result, you improve the effectiveness of your communication with your horse and increase your understanding of the horse-human relationship.


Private and Group Workshops

Robin helps riders at all levels improve their technique, achieve a balanced, independent seat, and develop timing, feel, and clear use of aids.

Whether you are beginning or advanced, riding for pleasure or competition, Robin teaches you how to truly listen to your horse and adjust your responses to gain his full cooperation and willingness under saddle.

Horse Training

Robin has a reputation for being able to successfully start young horses and fine tune broke horses by getting to the root of behavior problems without force, fear or gimmicks.

When you bring your horse to Robin, she designs training program based on specific goals for your horse and strongly encourages your participation throughout the training period. This partnership approach to training teaches you to learn how to solve problems with your horse and prevent the problems from re-occurring.



Robin will work to find and evaluate the right horse for each individual rider because it is important to have an experienced professional involved.

From proper horse care to facility design, Robin has the experience to make sure that everything is done correctly.

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