Meet Robin


Robin Grande (Ryner) is an accomplished horse trainer and horsemanship instructor who teaches all riding disciplines with an emphasis on groundwork to improve your riding and relationship with your horse.  Robin combines her 24 years of experience in dressage, show jumping and endurance, along with a strong background in natural horsemanship to customize an approach that works for you and your horse.  Her step-by-step approach to groundwork and riding instruction helps you discover and develop the skills to fully enjoy the process of learning with your horse and realizing your goals.  Robin’s wise, good-natured, and non-judgmental style creates an inspiring and supportive atmosphere for you to achieve an enjoyable and rewarding connection with your horse.  She encourages her students to develop the skills and confidence to problem-solve with their horses.

Robin provides intensive educational experiences for horses and their owners at Compass Equine INC, her training center in Prescott, AZ.  In addition to offering riding instruction that incorporates all aspects of horsemanship skills, Robin specializes in starting horses and their owners out on the right foot and sends you home with the knowledge to maintain their education and training. She also trains and conditions endurance horses and their riders for limited distance up to 100-mile rides.