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What Makes Compass Equine Inc. Different?

Compass Equine Inc. provides an intensive, educational, horsemanship experience from the ground up for all ages, levels & disciplines.



Horsemanship Instruction

From basic horsemanship to at-liberty training whether in the arena or on the trail, Robin helps you understand that excellence in riding begins with excellent ground skills.

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Private and Group Lessons

Robin helps riders at all levels improve their technique, achieve a balanced, independent seat, and develop timing, feel, and clear use of aids.

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Training and Conditioning

Robin has an excellent reputation for being able to successfully start young horses and fine tune those already under saddle by using clear, concise communication with gentle yet effective methods.

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From suitability selection and evaluation to management strategies for long term health and soundness, Robin can help you with general maintenance, saddle fitting, conditioning and site design.

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